Power Distribution Unit| PDU| Pdu for Racks

Power Distribution Unit- Overview

Power Distribution Unit is one of the essential equipment, which has a significant role to play in rack solution organizations. If this valuable equipment fails to perform then a hazardous situation will emerge as there is a direct connection between the main equipment and this PDU. If any fault occurs in the \Power Distribution Unit, then it may leave a profound effect in the organization, which some time lead to a great monitory loss. Sensing the importance of efficient Power Distribution System, has come up with high-end PDU, which can work flawlessly and comes in affordable price. In this manner, it creates better quality items than fulfill the client needs and prerequisites with complete dependability.
The PDU is made by utilizing top-quality powder covered metal box with properly evaluated and guaranteed electronic parts. A broad arrangement of PDU with better quality is offered by, which supply power to the essential apparatuses consistently. 

we offer 3 different variety of PDU to carry out vast industrial requirement.
1. Normal Power Distribution Units Single and Three Phases.
2. Metered Power Distribution Units Single and Three Phases.
3. Intelligent Power Distribution Units Single and Three Phases.
Here, short descriptions of the above mentioned PDU have been provided, from which you can choose any one according to your requirement.

Normal Power Distribution
Normal power distribution unit To meet the industrial standard, this Power Distribution Unit cover with high-grade metal enclosed space and powder coated thoroughly. Asides, this PDU goes through rigorous quality check up procedure to make sure world-class quality in a consistent manner.
Metered Power Distribution
Metered Power Distribution To provide flawless power supply, this is the most useful PDU, which comes with unfailing circuit board as well as digital display that is designed to display voltage, roll over, current power on PDU level. This is a fine combination of intelligent PDU and traditional PDU which is designed to overcome MCB overloading and tripping.
Intelligent Power Distribution
Intelligent PDU This highly engineered equipment boost up time, multiply energy effectiveness and has in-build cut off power facility. To provide perfect solution for the existing infrastructure, this is the perfect device to choose from.
Power Cards
power distribution unit in India Clients can buy standard power cord C13-14 and C19-20 to meet their necessities. These power cords are considered superior for its high-end quality and principles. The length of the power cord could be modified according to the client specific necessities. Ordinarily, power card is accessible up to 2 meter of length.